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Specialty Boxed Lunches


Caesar Chicken Salad

Romaine Lettuce with Grilled Chicken, Croutons, Parmesan & Caesar Dressing. Served with a Breadstick, Chilled Fruit Salad and a Fudge Brownie


Reuben Sandwich

Corned Beef, Sauerkraut and Thousand Island Dressing on Rye Bread. Served with German Potato Salad, Fresh Fruit
and an Apple Turnover.


Spinach Salad

Fresh Baby Spinach with Sliced Egg, Bacon Pieces, Mushrooms & Red Onion. Served with Poppy Seed Dressing, Fresh Fruit, Dinner Roll and a Homemade Cookie


Italian Poor Boy

Salami, Pepperoni, Capicola and Provolone Cheese on Italian Bread with Lettuce and Tomato. Served with Pasta Salad, Fresh Fruit & a Homemade Cookie.


Chinese Chicken Salad

Stir Fried Chicken Chunks and Chinese Vegetables tossed in a Peanut Dressing with Crunchy Chow Mien Noodles. Served with Orange Slices and a Fortune Cookie


Philly Steak Sandwich

Tender strips of Steak on French Bread with Grilled Onions, Peppers, Provolone Cheese & Spicy Mustard. Served with Pasta Salad, Fresh Fruit and a Brownie.



Triple Stacked Club

Soft White Sandwich Bread layered with fresh sliced Turkey, Ham, Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato…Then Repeated. Served with Mustard, Mayo & Pickles. Served with a crisp Red Apple, Pasta Salad and
Homemade Cookies.


Smoked Turkey on Focaccia

Smoked Turkey & Provolone on Focaccia Bread with a Spinach & Artichoke Cream Cheese Spread. Served with New Potato Salad, Fresh Fruit & a Homemade Cookie


Tomato Basil Tortilla Wrap

Grilled Chicken Strips with Romaine Lettuce,Basil, Tomatoes, Red Onions & Mozzarella Cheese. Served with Pasta Salad, Grapes & a Homemade Cookie.

Vegetarian Pita

Pita Bread Stuffed with Fresh Spinach, Greek Olives, Red Onions, Roma Tomatoes & Feta Cheese topped with Greek Vinaigrette. Served with Pasta Salad, Red Grapes & a Homemade Cookie.


Sesame Chicken Wrap

Grilled Chicken Strips marinated in SoySauce with Sesame Seeds, Julienne Carrots, Green Onions & Shredded Lettuce.Served with New Potato Salad, FreshFruit and a Homemade Cookie.


Traditional Vegetarian Bagel

A Fresh Baked Whole Wheat Bagel withHerbed Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Alfalfa Sprouts & Provolone Cheese. Served with Potato Chips, FreshFruit and a Homemade Cookie.


Fajita Wraps

Grilled Chicken or Beef Strips marinatedin Fajita Seasonings with Peppers, Onions and Cheese. Served with Tortilla Chips, Black Beans, Pico de Gallo and a Homemade Cookie


Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Crispy Chicken Tenders with diced Tomatoes, Red Onions and green leaf lettuce topped with Blue Cheese Crumbles,and wrapped inside a Flour Tortilla.Served with a smooth Buffalo Ranch Dippingsauce, crisp Celery Sticks, PotatoChips and a Lemon Bar.

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