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Top Shelf Hors D’Ouevres

Top Shelf Hors D’ouevres

Cocktail Shrimp

Chilled Shrimp with a Tongue Tingling Horseradish Cocktail Sauce

Caesar Basket

Freshly grated Parmesan & Gruyere Cheeses Crisped & formed into a Bite sized Bowl; Filled with a Classic Caesar Salad

Mediterranean Indulgence

A Vibrant Display of Hummus, Maw Maw’s Melanzane & House made Pesto and Olive Tapenade; Served with an Assortment of warm Pita Bread & Crackers

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Soy Infused Chicken Tenders diced and tossed with Julianne Carrots; Served with White Rice Noodles, Thai Peanut Sauce and Iceberg Lettuce Leaf Bowls

Smoked Salmon

A Whole Filet of Salmon Iced & Arranged Elegently with Pickled Capers, Chopped Red Onion, Crumbled Hard Boiled Eggs, Creamy Dill Sauce; Served with Lahvosh Crackers

Mediterranean Antipasti Skewers

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Balls, Grape Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts & Kalamata Olives; Skewered & Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar


Classic Pizzas

Mozzarella Cheese
Loads of Pepperoni
Homemade Italian Sausage
BBQ Chicken w/ Carmelized Onions
Italian Sausage & Pepperoni
Thai Chicken w/ Peanut Sauce

Gourmet Pizzas

Margherita w/ Roma Tomatoes
Baby Spinach, Roasted Garlic, Fresh Mozzarella, Grape Tomatoes, and Pine Nuts
Roasted Artichokes & Capers, paired with Kalamata olives and Caramelized Onions
A Glorious Blend of Mozzarella, Provolone & Fontina Cheeses

Elegant Cocktail Shrimp

Cold Water Shrimp Marinated in Italian Seasonings and Wrapped in Garden Snow Peas

Firecracker Shrimp

Large Shrimp Marinated in the juice of Florida Oranges, Asian Chile Sauce, Cilantro & Basil to Produce a Slightly Sweet & Fiery Flavor; then Fried to a Light Crispy Crunch

Lobster Newburg

Flower-shaped Buttery Puff-Pastry filled with Seafood, Lobster & Spiked with a Brandy-based Newburg Sauce

Crab Salad

Jumbo Lump Crabmeat mixed with Mayonnaise, the Zest of a Lime & Red Peppers; Beautifully stuffed into Avocado Halves; enhanced with Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

Creamy Salmon Dip

Hickory Smoked Salmon Combined with a Citrus Zest; Served with Assorted Crackers and Toast Points

Asian Beef Bruschetta

Tender Beef Medallions Infused with a Soy Ginger Marinade, Sliced & Placed on Crustinins with a Dollop of Wasabi Mayonnaise

Beef Crustinis

Tender Beef Sliced Thin & Layered with Goat Cheese & Topped with Sweet Cabernet Red Onions; Garnished with Chives

Mini Beef Wellington

Beef Tenderloin Seasoned with a Mushroom & Shallot Duxelle and Wrapped in French Puff-Pastry

Imported Cheese Display

An Elegant Display of Imported Cheeses& Lavish Cracker Selection

Gourmet Sliders

Mini Hamburgers Blended with Cajun Spices and Topped with Cayenne Pepper Onions, Cheddar Cheese & Red Pepper Aioli

Shrimp Trio

Sicilian Shrimp
Shrimp Diablo
Shrimp Scampi

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