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A good two weeks!

PicMonkey CollageThe month of March has always been a time of year when we take time to focus on areas of improvement within our companies, add quality staff and products to our team, and take time to develop strategies for growth and efficiency.

Two weeks ago four of us took the opportunity to attend the Catersource Convention in Las Vegas. Catersource is an industry convention that focuses on catering education, a vendor tradeshow, and networking with industry peers. Four of us attended the show including Mollie, our director of marketing, and Jessie, one of our lead culinary designers attended the conference. One of the great things about this convention is the diversity of learning opportunities that allow companies like ours to take members of their organization from management, marketing, administration, kitchen, and operations. We all gained so much knowledge of the upcoming trends, new marketing concepts, culinary ideas, and ways to  improve operating procedures. We are excited to be able to share the things we learned with the rest of our team and our customers.

Here are some photos of the things we saw, enjoy!

Catersource 2013