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An exciting opportunity

Last week we had the extreme pleasure of being given the opportunity to provide our services for a couple getting married in Manhattan, Kansas on August 3rd.

There are several great things about being awarded this job:

*the reception will be held at the Kansas State University Alumni Center, my alma mater

*we are being given the opportunity to work with a great family

*we have established a relationship with a wedding coordinator that we have not had the opportunity to cater for in the past

*we will have the opportunity to use our two mobile kitchens

*this will be a “magazine wedding”

*the food will be outstanding

The couple tasted a selection of over 20 items, here a few of the chosen items:

Appetizer hour:

signiture drinks: dirty martinis and frozen margarita machines

Appetizer Stations and passed appetizers to include family favorites:

ice sculptures overflowing with jumbo shrimp cocktail, tangy cocktail sauce, lemon wedges

crisp brioche, roasted Roma tomato, crisp pork belly, and micro green (mock BLT)

Chimmichuri beef roulades filled with crisp jicama, carrot, bell pepper and jalapeno

Gourmet brown sugar, apple cider, and stone ground mustard deviled eggs

Salad course:

baby iceberg wedge salad, crisp bacon, chopped egg, sliced Roma tomato, red onion, sliced cucumber and smoked tillamook cheddar. Peppercorn Parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette

Intermizzo (palate cleanser):

orange fizz shooter

Plated Entree:

filet mignon/mushroom Pinot Demi glacé, Boursin stuffed chicken/shallot cream reduction, creamy cauliflower mash, roasted brussell sprouts bacon and shallots, vegetable bouquets of asparagus, tri colored peppers, hericot verts, and Malibu carrotts. Butter and thyme roasted fngerling and sweet potatoes.


soda and lime sorbet fizz


Wedding cake to include carrot, chocolate, and white.

After party:

assorted call hall ice cream sundae bar

mini cozy burgers

A variety of varsity donuts


What a fun couple, a fun menu, a great wedding this will be!

I will make sure to follow up with photos from the event in August!


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