Brancatos Catering Contract

Deposit and/or Cancellation: All Brancato contracts are to be paid by 50% prepayment to reserve your event unless you are set up on credit. This is a 50% non-refundable deposit. Order balance is due 7 days prior to the date of your event.

Proposals and Tentative events are good for 60 days. Prices are subject to change after the 60 days unless the order is confirmed as definite with a secured deposit.

Brancato’s Catering will provide food service for one and a half hours unless otherwise stated.

Brancato’s Catering will keep all leftover food from event unless an additional fee is paid and a release of liability is signed and agreed to, in advance, by client.

Client acknowledges that no food, beverages, or equipment will be left beyond the agreed upon serving time of 1 1/2 hours.

Client acknowledges that they will incur an additional pick up fee, of at least $40.00 per trip, should they request that

any equipment or beverage be left beyond scheduled serving time (ie: tablecloths, skirts, coffee, etc.). Client does retain

option of returning said equipment themselves within 48 hours after event; equipment not returned within 48 hours will be presumed lost and will be billed to the client at its replacement cost.

Client agrees to provide caterer with a preliminary guest count upon signing of this agreement. Client count may be reduced no more than 10% within seven days of event. Client may increase guest count no more than 20% if increase is at least 72 hours prior to event. Client may increase guest count no more than 10% if increase is at least 48 hours prior to event.

Brancato’s Catering will bill client for any additional guests served above the contracted guest count. Caterer will not be held responsible in the event that additional guests result in food shortages.

No food or beverage of any kind will be brought by the Client.

Client agrees to be responsible to Brancato’s for any damage done to the function room or Brancato’s Catering equipment and supplies caused by the Client or Client’s Guests.

Caterer does not accept any responsibility for damage to or loss of any merchandise or articles left in function room prior to, during, or following the Client’s function.

Should it be necessary for the Client to cancel this function after this contract has been signed, all deposits will be considered non-refundable.

Upon signature, Brancato’s Catering reserves the right to unlimited use of photographs taken at event site, including the right to use images for self-promotion and marketing.

Upon signing this agreement, Client acknowledges that they have entered into a binding contract with Brancato’s Catering.