A Learning Opportunity

The event industry is often misunderstood and over glamorized. What we do is complex and challenging. We love when we have to opportunity to share how we successfully manage complex events on a national level. Detail and organization our critical to our success.

I would like to thank Professor Rachel Suggs and the group of students from the Oklahoma City University.

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to display our facility to a group of aspiring young event professionals.

Professor Suggs brought in a group of students whose aspirations are to become successful upper management employees in the business. The focus of their trip to our facility was to cover a variety of topics such as; event planning, venue management, professional relationship building, community relations/interaction, development/sponsorship, volunteer/staff management and education in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

The group spent time with our Senior Sales Coordinator, Vernon Greene, learning about how his success in event management. They also toured our 140,000 square foot facility learning more about what we do. They concluded their tour in our kitchen facility where we gave them a brief synopsis of the 20 events being executed today.

Not only did we cover the topics that the students came for, but opened their eyes to everything we do and an area of the event industry they may not have considered. We love being able to be a part of the education process for young and eager event professionals! We know that this group of students will all have a bright future in the event industry!