Event Recap: KU Medical Center

Whenever you are throwing a party honoring a person for professional accomplishments, it is always a challenge to honor who that person is and the contributions they have made. We were tasked with creating a fitting tribute to the honoree that would be upscale and dignified while still being casual and comfortable to fit their personality.

Planning started six weeks out with an initial meeting to discuss plans at which point our team was given the freedom to really create the look and feel of the event. Special considerations were made in the meal as BBQ was a special request, but we also had to fit in items that were nutritious and health conscious. BBQ and healthy are not exactly terms that marry well, but our culinary development team managed to pull it off through fresh seasonal selections in fruits, vegetables and proteins while offering smaller, portable portion sizes for the mingling crowd.  Everyone raved about the bright flavors and unique flavor combinations brought to the table, and were especially impressed with the specially selected beer pairings that fit with each station.

Station 1:
Mini KC Classics- Brancato’s BBQ | Brisket | Cream Cheese | Candied Jalapenos | Crispy Onion Straws | Jalapeno Cornbread

Bite Size Pigs in a Blanket- Bite-Sized Smokies | Flaky Crust | Mustard | Ketchup

Caesar Baskets

S’More Tartlets

Boulevard Tank 7 in mini mugs


Station 2:

Grilled Shrimp & Sweet Pineapple Skewers

Quinoa Cowboy Caviar- Quinoa | Black-Eyed Peas | Black Beans | Assorted Peppers | Tomatoes | Italian Dressing & Spices

Grilled Peaches- Honey Balsamic Glaze

Boulevard Pale Ale in mini mugs


Station 3:

Cheese Corn Bake Bowls- Brancato’s BBQ Burnt Ends | Cheesy Corn & Ham Bake | Crispy Onions

Jalapeno Stuffed Mac & Cheese Bites- Sriracha Ranch

Cherry Cheesecake Shooters- Classic Cheesecake | Cherry Filling | Crumbled Graham Crackers

Boulevard Wheat in mini mugs


On the rentals side we were tasked with taking the blank slate of the open-air courtyard and transform it into an event venue to fit the upscale but casual BBQ theme carried over with the food. We knew we had to provide seating with shade as there was not much provided naturally in the courtyard. We were able to provide ample seating with shade through the use of our umbrella tables, giving guests the freedom to have a seat, enjoy food but still get up a move around if they wanted.

Speaking of shelter we had to provide shade and structure for the food and the 3-piece zygot band hired by the client. We accommodated this through 20×20 Frame and a 20×40 Frame tents. We also had to provide some sort of flooring under these tents to protect the landscape of the courtyard taking into account the recent onslaught of rain to the area and the amount of foot traffic those locations would experience. To accomplish this we provided a stage for the band and custom-made covered flooring for the food tent.

We were able to carry that BBQ theme through the space with bright pops of color through the use of red and white gingham patterns, bandanas and solid red table coverings on the bar high tables and accents we provided. We were also able to add a bit of fun with the metal troughs and buckets to provide grab and go waters for guests on the warm July afternoon.

Whenever you are planning an outdoor event, there are always challenges to overcome, with this specific event we were challenged with very specific load-in/out times, uncertain weather conditions and temperatures as well as a tight event timeline to stay on-track. We are very proud of how our on-site and office staff handled these opportunities and provided a fun and dignified event to honor a very special person.